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that pays off – sustainably!


Loyalty program – protect the climate with ICP!

 ✓ What is the ICP loyalty program process? You register for the loyalty program and remain loyal to us by making sales with us over the course of the year. For the sales made at the end of the year, we compensate CO2 by investing a part of the sales made in climate protection projects. You will receive a personal certificate at the end of the year. The certificate is in the name of the company. Alternatively, you can decide when registering if you want the certificate issued only to the company.


Who can participate? Everyone who registers for the loyalty program can participate!


Can several people from one company participate? Yes, in the end the total turnover of the company counts.


Can the amounts be split between departments? No. The total turnover of the company counts.


When does the program start? The program started for the first time on 01.01.2022.

ICP Germany Green IT Loyality program

With every purchase at ICP you support the environment! Sign up now for the new ICP loyalty program: For every 10 euros of sales, ICP compensates 1 kg of CO2 by investing a percentage of the turnover in climate protection projects.


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 Can I also participate later? Yes, you can also start during the year. The settlement date is the beginning of the year and not the date of registration.


✓ How can I register for the program? The program is advertised in the newsletter, on our website, and in our e-mail signature. In addition, you will be asked about it during a personal talk. Since we will contact you multiple times via e-mail, we need your consent in text form for data protection reasons.


How often do we contact you? You will receive a confirmation from us after registration. Furthermore, you will receive a CO2 compensation account balance on a quarterly basis. At the end of the year, you will also receive the certificate.


How can you find out about your status? You will receive a quarterly update by e-mail. In addition, you can ask at any time and ask for the current status.


Can you unsubscribe? Yes, at any time. All it takes is an e-mail. Unsubscribing will result in you being removed from our e-mail distribution list. The amount will still be charged at the end of the year. However, you will not receive a certificate.


How is the amount invested calculated? The amount is linked to the turnover and starts from an annual turnover of 250 EUR. For every 10 EUR of turnover, we compensate 1 kg of CO2. At 250 EUR, this corresponds to 25 kg. Since the minimum compensation amount is 260 kg, we subsidize the shortfall. Example: If we take the year 2021 as a basis and assume that all customers have participated, as of November 19, 2021, we would compensate 550,030 kg of CO2 and invest an amount of 12,660 EUR in climate projects.


Why don't we pay out the amount? We would like to ensure that the contribution benefits climate protection.


What is the benefit to you? You contribute to climate protection and also support projects for example, that make life easier for poor people.


Are there any disadvantages to signing up for the loyalty program? No, if you shop with us anyway, you will be doing something good for the environment at the end of the year.


Does the loyalty program affect your volume discount? No! The amount is calculated from the purchases you have made.


In what kind of projects will we invest in? In the first year, we will implement climate protection projects together with Atmosfair. Atmosfair supports, among other things, solar energy efficient stoves in Africa, biogas and biomass, hydropower, environmental education and tourism conversion.


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