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Green IT - that pays off sustainably! Landscape with fog

that pays off – sustainably!



With GREEN IT – out of responsibility for people and the environment

We at ICP - Industrial Computers for Life are breaking new ground for a green future. Together with you we work out solutions, evolve our industrial computers and services. Little by little. Because it takes many small steps for a big whole that moves us forward towards climate neutrality.

As your partner

  • we are working on the optimization of industrial computers from the current inventory

  • we provide sustainable services

  • we offer individual consulting, tailored to your applications

Get to know our GREEN IT industrial PCs and solutions! You will find everything worth knowing here:

Green-IT: Young plant that grows in sunlight. Environmental and ecological concept. Sources of renewable sustainable development.
Green-IT: Idyllically located lake at the edge of the forest with superimposed conductors.

What distinguishes ICP and our services?

The goal of the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 in Glasgow was to initiate effective climate protection. In particular, the maximum target of the Paris Agreement was increased to 1.5 degrees.

ICP Germany is active throughout Europe as a distributor for industrial computers. ICP faces its responsibility and will develop GREEN IT products and solutions in cooperation with its partners in the future.

ICP is located in the technology cluster Baden-Württemberg and will use all available opportunities: ICP is committed to GREEN IT with its new strategy, as the increased environmental awareness is also affecting computer hardware. The basic idea is using resources, materials and energy efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. As a service and solution provider with more than 25 years of experience, ICP intends to implement this approach step by step.

The ICP product range includes conventional and also GREEN IT industrial PCs.

The aim is conserving resources with GREEN IT – and thus contributing to our environment and our climate! In future, ICP will focus on that as a company - with a sustainable service and product range. You can find out more about this by following the link below.

There you will also find an interview of our "In conversation ..." section with Harald Behnstedt, Managing Director of ICP Germany, on the new corporate strategy "GREEN IT".

In addition, you will find links to our current awards and honors as well as further information about our company and our store with a large product range of industrial computers, as well as components.

Together for climate protection - for a sustainable future.

What are the advantages of our GREEN IT products?

How is this of benefit to you as a customer?

GREEN IT products from ICP Germany are alined entirely to the needs of their customers. Would you like to know more about energy optimization and the conservation of valuable resources? Here you can learn more about the advantages of our GREEN IT industrial PCs:

ICP Germany has set itself major targets for its customers on the way to implementing GREEN IT. For customers, this offers many opportunities in energy saving and cost reduction. You can find further benefits and more information here:

You need GREEN IT consulting or have questions?

Then get in touch with us! Call us on +49 (0)71 21 / 143 23-0 or send us an email using our contact form: 

Are you looking for a provider of sustainable industrial computers? Then you are right with us. We are your contact when it comes to GREEN IT. Whether throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland and all over Europe. Or also in Stuttgart region, Reutlingen, Pfullingen, Tübingen, Ludwigsburg and nationwide from Munich to Cologne, Frankfurt, Hanover and Hamburg to Berlin. Our strategy is, as a distributor for industrial computers and PC components with responsibility for our climate and environment, to develop GREEN IT products and solutions in cooperation with our partners. With the target of using our industrial computers as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible in terms of resources, materials and energy.


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