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that pays off – sustainably!


ICP has been your service and solution provider for over 25 years. In these volatile times, it is important for us as a regional company to set the course for the future. With the new approach "ICP - Industrial Computers for Life" we set new GREEN IT standards in our company with the target to create a new awareness for ecological thinking in the IT segment and also in our corporate culture. For this purpose, we at ICP have decided to do our part and push forward the planned GREEN IT measures and offer green industrial computers to our customers.


GREEN IT has already been practiced in our company for more than a quarter of a century. But now, in addition to repairing industrial computers, we also need to put all other parameters, such as energy efficiency or material recycling in parts of the hardware, to the test and take over the GREEN IT strategy into practice. Protecting our environment and acting sustainably and responsibly is our major target and long-term plan for the future.

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  • Competent advice from our experienced staff, also on the subject of sustainability

  • Large warehouse in Germany with the possibility of stockpiling

  • All from one source: sustainable service, repair and support in Germany

  • High quality GREEN IT products - with energy efficient, durable and upgradeable components (hardware and software)

  • Extension of device warranty periods to 3 years

  • Repair service and recycling - to protect the environment and climate

  • Specially adapted products and environmentally conscious packaging

  • CO2-reduced shipping and compensation of transport costs

  • The ICP loyalty program: With every purchase at ICP you support the environment!

The ICP product range includes conventional and also GREEN-IT industrial PCs. The target is to conserve resources with GREEN IT - and thus contribute to our environment and our climate! In future, ICP will focus on this as a company – with a sustainable service and product spectrum.


ICP is your partner for products from IEI Integration Inc, Mitac, Cervoz and Milesight. ICP also offers alternatives and additional PC components. These include Touch Panel PC and All-in-One PC as well as CPU Boards and Box PC from IEI Integration Corp. and Mitac. Networking products from ORing Industrial Networking Corp. and Milesight as well as measurement and automation products from ICP DAS Co., Ltd. complement the ICP product range. And, of course, ICP offers you all the additional hardware components necessary to assemble an operational industrial computer. These include processors, memory, hard disks and SSD as well as displays and expansion cards.

Regarding the current situation: Please note that there may be supply shortages at the moment. Therefore, please plan early!

More about our "green" industrial computers can be found here:

What makes ICP and our services different?

Transport and carbon footprint are directly related. Nowadays, a fast transport route by air freight is in particular demand worldwide.

The choice of transport mode alone enables CO2 savings.

If the customer has the possibility to extend the planning period, the decision for transport by sea or train freight could save CO2 significantly.

Air freight has above-average CO2 emissions due to its low loading volume and high fuel consumption. 
With a larger load volume, shipments shifted to sea and rail can significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

ICP Germany has calculated the CO2 emissions for 1,000 kilograms of goods from standard manufacturers to the Reutlingen site. The calculation follows on the basis of Carboncare's CO2 calculator.

CO2 savings during transport

In conversation...

What does GREEN IT mean to you?


From our point of view, GREEN IT covers two levels: energy saving computer systems and an expanded conception of GREEN IT. It is a matter of environmental products and an awareness of people and nature. GREEN IT not only refers to our industry computers, but also to a responsible supply chain, environmental protection and environmental policy.


We have to look at the entire processes, and it is important for us to look at them circularly. That means constantly changing our perspective and take the interests of our customers/partners and suppliers in view. Then put everything to the test in order to achieve new perceptions - and draw conclusions from them.


We also have created a "Code of Conduct" for our company. In addition to laws that our company must follow, the Code of Conduct contains a collection of internal guidelines and rules for everyday business activities.

Managing Director CP Germany - Harald Behnstedt

with Harald Behnstedt, Managing Director ICP Germany, about the new corporate strategy "GREEN IT".


How are you positioning yourself for the future with ICP?


ICP has been your service and solution provider for over 25 years. In these volatile times, it is important for us as a regional and pan-European company to set our course for the future. It is our wish and will to position ourselves "greener" in the company and with our IT services. This also includes a "greener" design of our industrial PCs. With the new message "ICP - Industrial Computers for Life" we intend to advance and develop new GREEN IT standards step by step. I summarized this briefly as "V³K ", which stands for the German words for "Avoidance, Extension, Recycling and Compensation". It is about all topics related to the avoidance of emissions, longer product cycles and also about recycling and, further on, about CO2 compensation.

One way, for example, is not to process the procurement of industrial computers from our suppliers on an order-related basis, but to bundle them, in order to optimize the number of freight transports by plane and, if possible, to relocate them to rail in the future.


What does "going green" mean for your company?


Together with our team, we already have initiated a number of things for our internal processes and are in the process of implementing many small steps, such as working digitally and paperless as far as possible, promoting mobile working and making fewer business trips. We also offer leasing bicycles for our team with JobRad. We want to support our employees in their work-life balance and at the same time protect the environment.


What do "green" industrial computers look like in your company?


Our GREEN-IT products are characterized by many small, large and well thought out features. For example, they dispose of an adapted BIOS and adapted power supplies. Power saving modes are activated on the software and BIOS side, and power supplies are used with a very high level of efficiency, so that the finished industrial computers are particularly energy-efficient. In order to also save CO2 during transport, we source our GREEN-IT-PC components in large quantities more sustainably by sea freight, pre-assemble them and store the finished systems in our high-bay warehouse. Thus, they are quickly available and can be sent to our customers from stock.

Climate change has an impact on the global economy, global supply chains, resource availability. In which way do you approach these issues in your company?


CO2 saving is our top priority. Therefore, we have examined on which specific adjustment screws we as ICP Germany carry out sustainable modifications and thus contribute to climate protection. First of all, we focused on packaging and shipping of our hardware components. We are gradually switching to environmentally friendly, ecological packaging materials from certified manufacturers, in order to use valuable resources as economical as possible. We have already changed the shipping of our goods ordered online: We ship climate neutral via Green DPD. This strategy will determine our further course in 2022, since all steps, no matter how small, pay into the "climate protection account" and are a lever in the fight against climate change.

How do you assess GREEN IT in the context of the current, global supply situation? 

The topic of GREEN IT is arousing interest and is also increasingly present in all media. Currently, there are isolated discussions with our customers and suppliers and manufacturers on this topic. The latter is important to me personally, as savings at the beginning of the supply chain have a high impact potential. At the moment, however, other topics are on the agenda in our environment due to the current supply problems on the IC market, the war in Ukraine and Corona. Nevertheless, this is no reason for us to neglect the topic of GREEN IT. We are increasingly bringing it into discussions with our customers. Above all, I see a lot of potential for CO2 savings in transport - and I'm all the more pleased that our main forwarders are pushing solutions for climate-neutral transport. Ultimately, we can only win if as many or all supply chain participants as possible join in.


How do you analyze your company's carbon footprint? 
One of the many issues we are pursuing in GREEN IT is reducing our carbon footprint. We have started to record this. We have dedicated ourselves to this task in order to identify the areas in which we can save CO2, either directly or indirectly. It is important to me to implement these reduction measures as quickly as possible wherever they make sense and are feasible. As things stand, we know the values that are recorded in Scope 1 and 2. We are currently working on the more difficult data to collect in Scope 3. I expect that we will have recorded our complete footprint by the fall of 2022 and will then be able to address the resulting savings measures for 2023.

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