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Green IT - that pays off sustainably! Landscape with fog

that pays off – sustainably!


✓ Your company achieves the climate protection targets by 2030 earlier or faster

✓ The reduction of CO2 saves costs

✓ You reduce your energy consumption

✓ You reduce your energy costs

✓ Legal requirements are exceeded and you save money!

✓ Higher flexibility, longevity and efficiency through reuse of components

Your benefits when buying GREEN IT industrial PCs

Sustainable procurement

Saving energy and costs - for climate change through sustainable procurement of GREEN IT products


Sustainability and procurement are important to us as a provider of industrial computer products: Because a fully sustainable procurement process has an overall positive impact on our environment. Hardware includes many individual components in the IT sector, and their manufacture in the international market involves processes that have a drastic impact on ecology and resources. That is why we focus on "Green" hardware, which is characterized by a range of sustainable features. "Sustainable procurement" is part of our GREEN IT strategy, with which we want to make our contribution to stop climate change.


Conserve resources with GREEN IT from ICP - advantages of sustainable procurement


For the procurement of computer hardware, future-oriented supply chain management brings comprehensive benefits - both for our customers and for us as a company. ICP is committed to responsible corporate governance. Therefore, we already go one step further here and integrate the topic of sustainability into the entire value chain.


What is ICP doing with regard to sustainable procurement?


Efficient supply chains are resource-saving, agile as well as transparent - and in particular digitized. This allows us to react flexibly to changes and to act innovatively. From an economic point of view, a sustainable purchasing process makes sense. We therefore work closely with suppliers, who themselves actively participate in this process.


By ordering through ICP Germany, you and the environment benefit:


  • CO2 savings for transport from ICP to the customer.

  • Environmentally friendly transport packaging for reuse and uncomplicated disposal of it

  • Coordinated, as short as possible delivery times

  • Simplified, digital ordering options

  • Invoices by e-mail

  • Loyalty program

  • Our experience in the field of "sustainability" pays off for our customers. They have little effort and can benefit from the great effects.


Already during the procurement of the goods from our suppliers, we, as a company, already attach importance to sustainability. It is our concern to create the complete supply chain in an environmentally friendly way.


 The sustainable procurement of goods from ICP suppliers includes:


  • CO2-neutral shipping for transport from the manufacturer.

  • Primary goal is to save CO2 during transport and, where necessary, to avoid unavoidable greenhouse gases

  • Ordering large quantities instead of individual shipments / pre-scheduling and blanket orders

  • Adapted packaging (bulk) to reduce packaging waste

  • Advancing sustainability changes at the supplier's site


Our experience in the field of "sustainability


Making supply chains sustainable with GREEN IT - a challenge even in a global context


Sustainable procurement is a complex issue. After all, securing the supply chain requires intensive management and wide-ranging measures. ICP Germany, as a distributor of industrial computers, has both in mind and, with its GREEN IT strategy, acts in a forward-looking manner that focuses on the entire value chain. So, the goal is to make supply chains more resilient, more resource-efficient and thus more sustainable. In this way, ICP helps to stabilize supply chains - in times of crisis and beyond.


GREEN IT from ICP - with many advantages of sustainable procurement


Resource-conserving, agile, transparent - and increasingly digitalized. This is how ICP is positioning itself for the future of our planet when it comes to sustainable procurement. 

The company is also continuously and emphatically driving this process forward in-house. 

What the ICP team of experts brings to the table for this purpose follows the standard for our supply chain management:

Transparency is a priority in supply chain management: 

The more transparent a supply chain is, the faster and better change can be implemented. Digitization supports our open communication culture in this process - both within our company and, above all, externally in the network. In this way, we want to ensure that processes run in a targeted and efficient manner - and thus transfer to the entire value chain.

One of the most important reasons for moving to a resource-efficient supply chain is also to comply with an increasing number of legal regulations and international principles

Our goal

When it comes to the topic of sustainable procurement, ICP Germany looks internally and along the supply chain at the strategic coordination of the overall process aligned under the aspect of "sustainability" - with the aim of improving the supply chain as a whole.


Links to this topic

For more information on legislation and international principles, see the following publications from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ);

Supply Chain Act (25th June 2021):


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